Coast to coast coverage and flexible plans that move as fast as you do.

  • Use in cellular enabled tablets for EFB (Electronic Flight Bag).
  • Enhance business passenger productivity.
  • Connect and synchronize onboard systems and inflight applications pre-flight. 
  • Works with in-flight broadband Air to Ground 4G solutions.


New users add a SIM card to your order

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AmeriCast SIM Card
AmeriCast SIM Card

AmeriCast SIM Card

  • Triple Cut SIM Card.
  • Contains all three sizes, nano, micro, and standard.
  • AmeriCast SIM cards only work on the AmeriCast Network.


Choose how many GB (Gigabytes) you want for the next 30-Days.

Monthly Data Plans
Monthly Data Plans

Monthly Data Plans


5G/4G Compatible

Domestic Data - US only.

Data is capped at amount purchased for 30 days of total use.

Unthrottled, speeds based on device and local cellular tower.

Once you've received your AmeriCast SIM card, be sure to Activate your account as soon as you're ready to start using your purchased data!

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